Lineup #93

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Perpetual weekend. The mission of The Monday Lineup has always been to make your Mondays better by delivering a playlist of hand-selected songs, mixed together for your listening pleasure. Sometimes, these playlists might even trick you into thinking it’s still the weekend. This is one of those weeks. Sit back, relax, and if you live in the United States, cruise into …

Lineup #90

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Summer is here. Okay, so I know that Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th, but let’s be real – the summer vibes are here and I can feel ’em all. This week’s Lineup is a mix of songs that are perfect for driving around with the top down, lounging in the sun (or in an RV), or even just daydreaming about perfect …

Lineup #67

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The 3rd Annual SoundCloud Honor Roll. The SoundCloud Honor Roll is a yearly tradition that was started in 2013. In a way, the concept of pulling together my favorite finds on SoundCloud for the year was sort of the blueprint for TML, so this playlist will always hold special significance for me, despite a general public shift towards listening to music …

Lineup #66

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2nd to last Lineup of 2015! Also known as: what I’ve been listening to when I’m not listening to the Hamilton Original Cast Recording plus quality jams and great ideas from JMS, RT, AR, RS. Hit play below, or check out and follow this week’s Lineup here. Until next Monday. Big things are coming…

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Lineup #65

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Best of the best. I loved a lot of music that got released in 2015. Like, a lot. But after careful thought and consideration, I’ve decided on my top 5 albums and favorite EP of 2015. It’s truly impossible for me to rank these against each other, so here they are presented in order of release date: “I Love You, Honeybear” …

Lineup #64

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December to Remember. It’s December, the most wonderful time of the year. Not just because of holiday cheer and extra time off from work, but because it’s the season of infinite “Best Of” lists – the time of year when us music freaks get to talk endlessly about the best albums/songs/artists/videos of the year and try our hardest to convince everyone …

Lineup #63

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Back at it. Well, coming back from a 4 day weekend into a full work/school/whatever you do week is never fun. Luckily Lineup #63 should have exactly what you need to get back in the groove, pun fully intended. Make sure to listen with headphones on or hooked up to good speakers for maximum effectiveness. And thanks to RT and …

Lineup #62

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And now a break from your previously scheduled program. It goes without saying that one album has dominated the airwaves since Friday. If we’re being totally honest with one another, Lineup #62 might as well just be Lineup “25“. But how many times can you really listen to Send My Love (To Your Lover) and When We Were Young? Okay, …

Lineup #61

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Moving forward. Some weeks more than others we need to get lost in a good playlist. For various reasons, it feels like this is one of those weeks. And coming off of last Monday’s extra-long post about my high school mixtapes, today I’d like to let the music do the talking. Thanks to JS for two great picks this week. Until next Monday.

Lineup #60

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Class of 2007. This week’s Lineup is a long time coming, 12 years to be exact. I’ve written before about how my obsession with music and making mix tapes has deep roots, but nothing solidified that more than four formative years in High School. Maybe it was the fact that any song or album was at my fingertips via Limewire. Maybe it …