Lineup #49

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A mixtape. Sometime’s a Lineup comes together really quickly, and almost effortlessly I have all of the right songs in the perfect order. And then sometimes when I have the time to spend indulging in listening to a sh*tload of music and reading up on new stuff that’s come out, I can spend hours putting together the Lineup for the week – going …

Lineup #48

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Set the night on fire. Back in March, TML had it’s first guest Lineup done by the one and only JMS, master of all things 60s, 70s and classic rock. Lineup #27 was the first of 3 installments of her guest Lineups for TML, and I couldn’t be more excited to share number 2 with you today in the form …

Lineup #47

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We gon’ be alright. After seeing Sam Smith followed by Elton John last night at Outside Lands, I almost unapologetically scratched what I had been putting together this week and just made one giant playlist of all of their music. However, I didn’t. (Lucky, or perhaps very unlucky for you). This week’s Lineup is a bunch of jams I’ve been …

Lineup #46

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OSL. I have a love/hate relationship with Outside Lands, the music festival hitting San Francisco this weekend. As much as I love to hate on it for it’s freezing weather and countless logistical nightmares, the OSL Lineup was top notch inspiration for Lineup #46. And I’m pretty damn excited to watch Elton John rock the socks off of Sunday night. I …

Lineup #45

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Summer Mondays. Something about Summer Mondays calls for that mellow but groovy sound that we’ve become borderline obsessed with at TML. It eases you back into the grind, but with just the right amount of boogie so you can still get lost in the beat. Even Calvin Harris has gotten on the deep and groovy train with his newest collaboration …

Lineup #44

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Back at it. Coming back to the grid from vacation is the least fun, but it’s a little bit easier when there’s great music waiting for you upon your return. Lucky for me, while I was out TML favorites Tame Impala released their latest album “Currents“, Years & Years released their debut LP “Communion“, we got a new single from Jack …

Lineup #43

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Soul Town. This week, I’m in Mexico getting a tan sunburned so I decided to get a little help from the one and only RT with this week’s Lineup. RT is a staple TML contributor, but also happens to be a master of all things Motown and Soul. I mean, this girl knows every word to every song we’ve ever listened to on …

Lineup #42

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Real talk. Here’s the thing: long weekends are the best but going back to real life is pretty much the worst. The July 4th hangover is a particularly brutal one – whether it’s too many hot dogs, too many Bud Heavies, too much sun or too much traffic getting home – 99 percent of us probably don’t feel our best …

Lineup #41

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Halfway there. This is really crazy and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we’re pretty much halfway through 2015. Which makes me totally freaked out about how fast time is flying, but also gives me the perfect excuse to put together my Top 20 for the first half of the year. A few caveats: I tried …

Lineup #40

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Summertime. Although EGM, JMS, NDW, JL, ES, DD and I started bidding on this season’s Song of the Summer weeks ago, yesterday marked the official start of Summer. So, it only seems fitting to dedicate this week’s Lineup to our Song of the Summer picks – past, present and future. Ain’t nothing but good vibes this week. Until next Monday.